About Victory of Life

Victory of Life is the nations top resource for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We help connect you with professionals who can help you on your path to getting your life back.

Hope is just a phone call away.


We Will Connect You To The Right Recovery Specialist

By acting as a conduit between those suffering from addiction and professionals who can help, Victory of Life’s mission is to help save families and lives from the destruction of drugs and alcohol. 

We are dedicated to supporting and initiating the first step to recovery. That is to help find those who have had enough of addiction and are ready to rediscover what it means to be alive, sober, and happy in this world. Hope is just a phone call away.

“I was desperate. So desperate I didn’t think my life would ever amount to anything. Victory of Life connected me to the right people and I am so grateful! I did think I’d ever say this again, but I’m happy.”

Marcy H


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