Addiction to drugs is one of the most common public health issues facing the United States, with countless individuals using drugs each day. Prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and opioids are known for being some of most frequently used drugs in America, causing significant problems within our nation, our communities, and inevitably married couples. In many cases, drug addiction can lead to a couple resorting in divorce. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your marriage can’t survive.

Regardless of exactly how serious a person’s drug addiction is, it will unquestionably impact your marriage. Spouses dealing with an addict can sometimes feel helpless and detached from their spouses. However, for marriage to survive where drug addiction exists, there must be commitment to the relationship and willingness to accept the past and move towards positive change.

Acknowledging you’re married to a drug addict 

You’re married to a drug addict and you don’t know what to do. You’ve seen first hand how the disease can be heartbreaking and overwhelming, and it’s significantly impacting your marriage. Your partner’s drug addiction has been putting a massive strain on the relationship, and you’ve found that instead of working as a team, you and your partner have just been avoiding dealing with the issue properly.

You’re not alone. Millions of married couples across the United States have trouble in their marriages as a result of drug addiction. That does not mean you have to give up on your marriage.

Teamwork will help your marriage survive drug addiction

Teamwork. What exactly does that mean? First things first. You’re both going to need to agree on being better as individuals before you can seriously expect for any positive change. Unfortunately, without that very first foundational step, everything else won’t matter.

Have a conversation. Without proper confrontation and agreeing that things must change for the better, the marriage won’t work. If you are having trouble speaking with your spouse you can speak with one of our professionals at Victory of Life and we can discuss a strategic approach starting the conversation and addressing your spouse’s addiction.

Be aware of the challenges ahead. there are numerous challenges that you will and probably already have encountered every day as a result of your spouse’s drug addiction. It’s hard to have a healthy and balanced marriage when you feel like you can’t trust your spouse. The consistent mistrust can result in temper, unhappiness, isolation, and bitterness, all of which can wear down and take a toll on the marriage. You may find that your interactions are completely ineffective or perhaps even combative, causing frequent frustration and miscommunications. Be aware that this is normal and that you’re going to feel at times that your marriage will may survive.

It almost won’t even make sense, but you’re going to have to accept that having an addict in the house will take a toll on you as an individual. It’s impossible to believe that you can go through this process without being affected personally by your spouse’s drug addiction.  Regardless of what you think, this will have an affect on your personal wellbeing and at times be overwhelming.

How to tell if your spouse is addicted to drugs

So, you suspect your partner is using drugs, but how can you be sure it’s an addiction? What are the signs? At this point you’ve likely already seen serious behavioral adjustments that have caused you to consider the possibility of drug addiction. Generally, the signs of drug addiction are as follows:

  • Deception. Deceptive habits that consist of being dishonest about how often, how much and when the drugs are being used.  You may have noticed your spouse taking money from your savings or retirement accounts without telling you.
  • Isolation. Distancing oneself from others and/or potentially no longer taking part in formerly enjoyed habits, hobbies and activities.
  • Lack of accountability. You’ve noticed your spouse is no longer taking part in household responsibilities (i.e. washing dishes, cooking, taking care of the dog and more.) Perhaps your spouse is falling behind at work or got fired recently, which you suspect to be linked to the drug addiction.
  • Lack of hygiene.  You’ve noticed your spouse is no longer brushing his/her teeth, showering, putting on clean clothes etc.
  • Spending. Instead of buying things like groceries and household items, you’re spouse is using cash to buy drugs.
  • Shady behavior. You’ve noticed your spouse doing weird things requesting money for gas, but instead actually using it to get drugs
  • Abnormalities. Perhaps you’ve noticed mood swings or changes in sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Mental health issues. Perhaps you’ve noticed your spouse has more anxiety than usual or is suffering with depression as a result of the drug addiction.

Although there many signs and symptoms that may be causing you to believe your spouse is suffering from addiction, these are some of the baselines. Other specific signs may be based on what kind of drug your spouse is addicted to. Let’s take for example a stimulant like meth, cocaine or adderall. You may notice that your spouse is much more energetic than usual (talking more than usual, and not sleeping much). 

On the other hand, opioids like oxycodone, fentanyl, or heroin often have the contrary effect, commonly triggering lack of presence, a sedated look, and more sleep.

How to help a spouse with drug addiction

Not only do you want your marriage to survive drug addiction, but you genuinely want to help your spouse end the issue and move towards a healthier, fulfilling and drug free life. 

It’s normal not knowing where to start. Plenty of individuals that find themselves married to a drug addict find themselves lost and don’t know where to start. Fortunately, by educating yourself and taking the proper steps you can get your spouse the proper treatment, hopefully save your marriage too.

Find a local drug addiction treatment center for your spouse

Start by reaching out to a professional local drug addiction treatment center. It is likely that you have a community treatment facility community that can connect you with specialists ready to assist you by finding the most appropriate path for your partner. Victory of Life can also be extremely helpful in making that connection. Feel free to call us today and we’ll connect you with the right drug addiction treatment center in your community or surrounding towns based on the specific needs of your spouse. 

Reach out to a drug addiction professional

You are not a professional, and you should not expect to be equipped to treat and handle a drug addict alone.  Our professional drug addiction experts have been trained to help people addicted to drugs get the treatment they need. If you personally do not know an expert or treatment center near you, Victory of Life can be of service. If you’re noticing your spouse being combative or dismissive we highly recommend speaking with one of our trained professionals who can help.

Learn more about drug addiction treatment options

The right information and knowledge is at your fingertips. Take some time to use the resources available to you to learn more about drug addiction treatment options. Learn from other people’s experiences. You’re not the first person whose marriage is suffering from drug addiction. Learn everything you can about the specific drug illness as possible so that you can be prepared and take the right steps. As you read and learn more about drug addiction treatment options, you’ll find the right solution specific to your partner and your marriage. 

Don’t give up on your until you’ve given it a real shot. It’s going to be really hard to contain your emotions while dealing with a drug addict. By understanding exactly how drug addiction affects the brain and causes your partner to act, you will be better equipped to handle the situation.

Take action to end drug abuse and have a healthy marriage

It’s normal to want to give in and make life easier for a loved one suffering from addiction. However, the best road is not always the easiest. Do not be an enabler to your spouse’s drug addiction. If you want your marriage to survive you’ll need to set proper boundaries and restrict drug use at home. Do not enable your spouse by letting him/her take the easy way out. This will only hurt you and your spouse in the long run. It’s not going to be easy to set these boundaries. However, by doing so you will be helping your spouse progress towards a healthy drug free life, in addition to helping your marriage survive.

Contact Victory of Life today

Managing addiction in your marriage can be extremely difficult. There will be plenty of challenges that arise, many of which seem insurmountable. At Victory of Life, we know what you are going through and we can help you and your partner get the help you need.

If you or your spouse is dealing with drug addiction, please call us today. We will support you, and assist you in getting the right treatment needed to live the drug free life you desire.  Change starts today. 


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