You may be wondering if you can get addicted to drugs on your first try, but in order to answer that question you’ll need a good understanding of the variables at play. One variable is the type of drug being used. For example, drugs like marijuana are less known for being addictive than opioids like heroin or stimulants like cocaine. Another variable to consider is the individual trying the drug. We’re all biologically different, have grown up in different environments and there are several factors involved in determining your susceptibility to drug addiction, let alone if you can get addicted to drugs on your first try. 

In this article you’ll learn just how easy it is to develop a drug addiction and we’ll shed some light on whether or not you can get addicted to drugs on your first try.

What is addiction?

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as, “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation memory and related circuitry.”

Drug addiction is a brain disease that can be developed through obsessive substance abuse despite the damaging repercussions it can cause. Individuals suffering with severe substance abuse disorders like drug addiction can lose control as a result of the addiction overpowering their own logic. 

Despite the fact that the drugs will cause negative impacts across many if not all areas of their lives, they still continue to use drugs because they have lost that control.  Fortunately, there are a wide range of treatment options and rehabilitation centers like Victory of Life that are readily available to serve individuals in need of help.

What kind of substances can you develop an addiction to?

Can You Get Addicted To Drugs On Your First Try? Biology Plays An Important Role

How can an individual develop a drug addiction? Thanks to the incredible leaps in science and research over the past decade, we have significantly increased our understanding of what causes drug addiction. As such, the scientific community has indicated that a person’s biological makeup does play a determining role. 

A person’s genes account for roughly 50% of the likelihood whether or not he/she will be addicted to drugs.  There are, of course, certain environmental elements at play, which subsequently influence the extent of which genetics will play a role. For example, being brought up by parents who are not abusing drugs at home will obviously highly decrease the likelihood of trying drugs at a young age and developing addiction.

Which Drugs Can You Get Addicted To On Your First Try?

Some drugs are more addictive than others.  Just like we’re all biologically different as human beings, drugs are all extremely different in chemical composition.  One person could try cocaine 3-4 times and never get addicted to it, whereas another could become addicted after their first try.  Some of the most well known addictive drugs are:

  1. Cocaine 
  2. Heroin
  3. Alcohol
  4. Nicotine
  5. Methamphetamine

Developing Tolerance Is A Key Indicator You’re Getting Addicted To The Drug

Research has shown that developing a higher tolerance for a certain drug (increasing the need for higher doses to achieve that same “high” feeling) is a key symptom for a developing addiction.  An addiction can often develop in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects. As a person continues to use drugs, they can eventually develop a tolerance to it.

As that tolerance continues to develop, individuals wind up taking more and more. The body becomes dependent on the drug and you’ll find that you need to take it just to feel like your normal self.

Don’t Take The Drug And You Won’t Have To Worry About Getting Addicted On Your First Try

Our advice? Just don’t do it. We’ve seen first hand how drug addiction can not only alter the way the brain works, but also ruin a person’s life. It’s simply not worth trying something once or twice when it can risk your health and well-being.

Research studies have proven that brains of individuals suffering from addiction reveal substantial changes in the brain in areas that are critical for making decisions, judgement, ability to learn and knowledge retention.

It has also been proven that continuous use of drugs will begin to make other dangerous chemical adjustments to the brain. 

Although, it can typically take some time for a drug to start to change your brain chemistry, when it does happen, it will happen quickly and relentlessly.

Victory of Life Is Here To Help You Learn More About Drug Addiction And Find The Best Treatment Center For You

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