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Our Alcohol Rehabilitation in Springdale

Unfortunately, alcohol addiction has become so common in our society that just about everyone in America is close to someone who drinks abusively. If that someone is you, we can help connect you to professionals in Springdale who are trained to get you on the right track.

One of the biggest mistakes problem drinkers make is thinking they can stop on their own. So, if your counselor recommends an inpatient rehab program, we strongly suggest you accept it. Often it can mean the difference between failure and success. 

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Inpatient Rehab

Your chances of successful alcohol addiction recovery increase exponentially with an inpatient treatment program. If your Springdale based professional recommends one, you should strongly consider making preparations to do so. Help is just a phone call away.

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Rehab For Women

If you think a women’s only alcohol rehab would be a more comfortable environment for you, please mention this to your counselor. Often, gender-specific accomodations can be made depending on the facility.

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Rehab For Teens

The grip of alcohol addiction can take hold of teens. Peer pressure can lead to destructive behavior. But that doesn’t mean that hope is lost. If you’re a teen looking for alcohol rehab, your Springdale professional counselor will help find you the help you need to get your life back on track.

Alcohol Rehab in Springdale

Victory of Life is committed to helping those in need of an inpatient alcohol recovery program. We understand that alcohol addiction looks different for everyone. It’s not always obvious to those around them. The few beers with friends or the wine at home alone, at some point, become a habit and a physical addiction. And for far too many, they feel alone in their desperation.

Whether your addiction is in solitude or in the open and negatively affecting your loved ones, we are committed to connecting you with a professional who can analyze your situation and prescribe a therapy that can get you back on a life path you can be proud of. Please reach out today. Hope is just a phone call away.


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Are you seeking an Alcohol Rehab in Springdale? We Are Here For You

Don’t be complacent with why you are here. If you searched for Alcohol Rehab in Springdale then you know you have a problem. Statistics show that going it alone rarely works. Let a professional walk you through the process. From insurance to other programs you may be unaware of, representatives have all the answers you may need. Give yourself the gift of sobriety in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment today.

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Tailored Program

No matter who you are or to what extent your alcohol addiction has affected you and the people around you, the right professional will ensure you are put in the best place with the best people to help YOU gain control over your life.

Alcohol detoxification can be uncomfortable.

Detox in Springdale

Detox from illicit drugs and/or alcohol abuse can be dangerous without proper supervision. If an inpatient program is suggested, we highly recommend you follow your professional’s advice. This is about your future and making the right decisions early can ensure your health and wellbeing for years to come.

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Dual Diagnosis

Ask your counselor about dual diagnosis treatment if you feel that alcohol abuse has lead to other mental illnesses or depression. Certain kinds of treatment can address both issues so you can best deal with the triggers that lead to harmful decisions that affect you and your loved ones. 

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Overcoming Withdrawals

Alcohol withdrawals often hit adults with years of continuous drinking. In this case, you will need medical supervision as you climb through this process. Depending on the severity, a doctor may prescribe light medication to help you get over this inevitable hump. You can do it!

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Alcohol Triggers

One of the reasons most outpatient programs are not as successful is because you are exposed to your triggers and too susceptible to relapse early on. The right inpatient program will identify your triggers and help you develop strategies for dealing with them.

A Professional is Waiting To Help With Insurance and Financing Questions

Insurance and Financing

Please make sure your representative provides you with all the details regarding payment options. It is very likely that your insurance covers it, but it is also likely that there is money available to you that you don’t know of. 

Without Victory of Life connecting me to the right helpers, I don’t know if I could be where I’m at today. I feel whole again.

Marina H.

I am so glad I finally decided to get professional help. Being isolated from everything meant the world. I am feeling better every day and I feel human again.

Terence G.

Getting help was the best decision I ever made. I feel great. Thank you addiction camp!

Manny P.

Questions About Rehab Programs in Springdale

Can Springdale rehab patients have visitors?

The rules changed from center to center but by and large, the answer for inpatient care is NO. The goal is to focus on healing, building good habits, and developing a relationship with recovery specialists in Springdale. 

Can rehab be covered by insurance?

With the introduction of the ACA, plans must provide coverage as essential health benefits

Can rehab help with depression?

Dual diagnosis rehab can focus on treating your depression and your addiction as separate but closely related issues. So yes, more often than not, depression is directly tied to drug and alcohol abuse. And yes, recovery can have a profound positive impact on depression.

Will rehab cure alcohol addiction?

It is largely believed that there is no cure for Alcoholism. It must be treated on an ongoing basis. After rehab in Springdale, the best thing you can do is find and use a reputable support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous

How many drug rehab centers are in the us?

There are thousands of rehabilitation centers available in the US. In fact, the federal government provides a directory 1,1oo pages long. That’s where Victory of Life is happy to assist. Our professionals in Springdale help decide what locations and treatments are a good fit for you.

About Alcohol Rehab in Springdale

Inpatient Programs in Springdale

Inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be designed for patients with symptoms related to acute or chronic drug and alcohol withdrawals. We refer inpatient addiction treatment programs that are highly specialized and take into account your unique circumstances as well as an individual.


Most Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) provide a level of care designed for people over 18 and who require more structure. There can be daytime and evening IOPs to accommodate your schedule. For information about our outpatient programs, please call us today.

Family Programs

Addiction often involves everyone in the family as most everyone, in one way or another, has been deeply affected by it. Educating and caring for the family is an essential part of addiction treatment and recovery. We connect you to family-inclusive programs that help family members understand the disease of addiction and learn how to assist in a way that is conducive to recovery.

Detox & Withdrawal

Referred doctors and nurses, specially trained in a variety of detoxification methods, may recommend individualized detox and withdrawal care based on your particular dependency and medical history. Professionals may provide 24/7 medical care to ensure optimal care and safety.

Support in Springdale

Recreation therapy can be an important part of recommended inpatient addiction treatment programs. Under the guidance of certified therapists, rec therapy activities in Springdale stimulate problem-solving capabilities, trust issues, and overcoming compulsive behavior.

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