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The Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a state-licensed and accredited program which utilizes group & individual therapy to address the needs of clients struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction issues. The clinical model is evidence-based and employs a variety of therapeutic techniques and approaches in order to best serve the consumer. Family involvement is also deemed a valuable aspect of the program. The client and the family both receive education on pertinent topics related to the presenting concerns. If you have questions on insurance, billing, co-payments or any other financial matters, please contact us so they can assist you promptly. If you have no insurance and want to discuss paying privately, please contact us to discuss details. Please note, they do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. Hours Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Hours: Friday Monday 9 am – 9 pm 9 am – 5 pm Friday Tuesday 9 am – 9 pm 9 am – 5 pm Friday Wednesday 9 am – 9 pm 9 am – 5 pm Friday Thursday 9 am – 9 pm 9 am – 5 pm

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Questions About Pathway to Wellness LLC DBA Center for Wellness 

Can Pathway to Wellness LLC DBA Center for Wellness rehab patients have visitors?

The rules change from center to center but by and large, the answer for inpatient care is NO. The goal is to focus on healing, building good habits, and developing a relationship with a recovery specialist.

Can rehab be covered by insurance?

With the introduction of the ACA, plans must provide coverage as essential health benefits

Can rehab help with depression?

Dual diagnosis rehab can focus on treating your depression and your addiction as separate but closely related issues. So yes, more often than not, depression is directly tied to drug and alcohol abuse. And yes, recovery can have a profound positive impact on depression.

Will rehab cure alcohol addiction?

It is largely believed that there is no cure for Alcoholism. It must be treated on an ongoing basis. After rehab in Monroe Township, the best thing you can do is find and use a reputable support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous

How many drug rehab centers are in the us?

There are thousands of rehabilitation centers available in the US. In fact, the federal government provides a directory 1,1oo pages long. That’s where Victory of Life is happy to assist. Our professionals in Monroe Township help decide what locations and treatments are a good fit for you.

Rehab Programs in Monroe Township

Inpatient Programs in Monroe Township

Inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be designed for patients with symptoms related to acute or chronic drug and alcohol withdrawals. We refer inpatient addiction treatment programs that are highly specialized and take into account your unique circumstances as well as an individual.


Most Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) provide a level of care designed for people over 18 and who require more structure. There can be daytime and evening IOPs to accommodate your schedule. For information about our outpatient programs, please call us today.

Family Programs

Addiction often involves everyone in the family as most everyone, in one way or another, has been deeply affected by it. Educating and caring for the family is an essential part of addiction treatment and recovery. We connect you to family-inclusive programs that help family members understand the disease of addiction and learn how to assist in a way that is conducive to recovery.

Detox & Withdrawal

Referred doctors and nurses, specially trained in a variety of detoxification methods, may recommend individualized detox and withdrawal care based on your particular dependency and medical history. Professionals may provide 24/7 medical care to ensure optimal care and safety.

Support in Monroe Township

Recreation therapy can be an important part of recommended inpatient addiction treatment programs. Under the guidance of certified therapists, rec therapy activities in Monroe Township stimulate problem-solving capabilities, trust issues, and overcoming compulsive behavior.

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Victory of Life is the nations top resource for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We help connect you with professionals who can help you on your path to getting your life back.

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