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Wellness Center at Waters Place OMM provides substance abuse treatment services in an outpatient setting to adult men and women. These services include but are not limited to alcohol detoxification, drug detoxification, motivational interviewing, individual and group counseling, family and marital counseling, anger management and relapse prevention. Acceptable payment for these services include cash or self payment, medicaid and private health insurance. A sliding fee scale is available for individuals that qualify. Please contact Wellness Center at Waters Place OMM for more information on their fees and services. Criteria for Admission The individual appears to be in need of inpatient chemical dependency services. The individual appears not to be in need of a higher level of care. The individual is unable to participate in or comply with treatment outside of a 24 hour structured treatment setting based on one or more of the following: a living environment not conducive to recovery, physical or mental complications and co-morbidities requiring medical management, a lack of judgment, insights, and motivation such as to require 24 hour supervision. Final admission decisions are always made by the ATCs medical director in compliance with utilization review standards. Individual must reside in catchment area (county covered by ATC) listed in directory. The individual must be at least 18. Under special circumstances, a person under 18 may be admitted. Please contact your local ATC for details Fees based on Individual’s ability to pay (No individuals denied access based on inability to pay) The Bronx Addiction Treatment Center is an OASAS certified 38 bed facility for adult men and woman. The ATC has been providing inpatient alcohol and substance services to the Bronx Community for 23 years. The services provided are designed
to address the basic health care needs of each patient while addressing specific physical, psychological and social symptoms associated with psychoactive substance abuse. Services Treatment Philosophy Treatment is based on a holistic model that includes working with the individual as well as any other significant people in his/her life who are supportive of, and willing to participate in the recovery process. Treatment services stress abstinence from alcohol and all mood altering drugs. We empower clients to utilize self help and other recovery resources. Treatment is geared toward providing individual and group counseling as well as physical, psychological and social rehabilitation. Additionally, spiritual, nutritional and recreational rehabilitation services are offered. Their goal is to provide each patient with the necessary tools to build a firm foundation for a healthy, meaningful life without the destructive use of alcohol and other drugs. In addition to addressing common issues and problems associated with addiction, an individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient. These plans address the patient’s strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. Mental Health Specialized Services Bronx ATC offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of most major mental health impairments.Their services include: individualized psychotherapy on a time limited basis, as well as extensive psycho-education on a case by case basis.Their interdisciplinary team includes: psychiatrists, social workers and other qualified health professionals. Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence Workshops The Bronx ATC is committed to preventing violence through education and self awareness. Out Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Workshops target the perpetrator, while their Domestic Violence (DV) Workshops target the victims.At the end of the 8 core session, clients will: gain some insight into IPV and other types of violence; learn about the effects of DV on family/children; explore the correlation between drug/alcohol abuse and increased risk for violence. All efforts are made to avoid generalizations that assume that the abusive partner is always male. DV Assessment is part of their Social Assessment. Safety planning is incorporated in their Treatment Planning as needed. Identified Victims/Perpetrators are linked with specialized services at discharge. All their discussions occur in a safe therapeutic environment that allows for healing to begin. Acupuncture/Tai Chi In keeping with The Bronx Addiction Treatment Center’s holistic approach to treatment, the spiritual and meditative art of acupuncture and tai chi are available to all interested patients. Auricular Detoxification Acupuncture (ADA), a widely practiced and highly effective adjunct to group and individual therapy is available to patients 3 days weekly. Tai Chi is used along with Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies to address the withdrawal cravings and the reward urges often associated with early recovery from Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) use. Women and Family Program The Bronx ATC provides a special treatment component which offers a focus on the special needs of women and their families. Women have access to all of the basic services of the ATC, and in addition these services are supplemented with several special treatment interventions, which includes a yearly women’s retreat. Clinical activities focus on: Women’s Health Issues, Women in Early Sobriety, Self-esteem, Relationships and Recovery, and Women’s Rights. There is also a weekly focused family education group offered. Therapeutic Recreation The Bronx ATC offers therapeutic recreation as an intervention which addresses positive social, recreational and leisure activities as an antidote to the lifestyle of addiction. We offer aerobics, tournament games including recovery specific board games, tai chi and community field trips. Criminal Justice Workshop This is a workshop of self-improvement and change for the person who has a past of criminal conduct together with alcohol and other drug use problems. There are many programs that work at helping the person who has a criminal conduct history, or a person who is called an “offender”. There are many programs that work at helping people with their AOD (alcohol and other drug) problems. But the Bronx ATC Criminal Justice Workshop is different. It is a workshop that will work at helping people with both AOD and criminal conduct problems. Spanish Monolingual Supportive Services The Bronx ATC offers a program specifically aimed at serving and treating the Spanish Monolingual community.

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Questions About Bronx Addiction Treatment Center 

Can Bronx Addiction Treatment Center rehab patients have visitors?

The rules change from center to center but by and large, the answer for inpatient care is NO. The goal is to focus on healing, building good habits, and developing a relationship with a recovery specialist.

Can rehab be covered by insurance?

With the introduction of the ACA, plans must provide coverage as essential health benefits

Can rehab help with depression?

Dual diagnosis rehab can focus on treating your depression and your addiction as separate but closely related issues. So yes, more often than not, depression is directly tied to drug and alcohol abuse. And yes, recovery can have a profound positive impact on depression.

Will rehab cure alcohol addiction?

It is largely believed that there is no cure for Alcoholism. It must be treated on an ongoing basis. After rehab in Bronx, the best thing you can do is find and use a reputable support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous

How many drug rehab centers are in the us?

There are thousands of rehabilitation centers available in the US. In fact, the federal government provides a directory 1,1oo pages long. That’s where Victory of Life is happy to assist. Our professionals in Bronx help decide what locations and treatments are a good fit for you.

Rehab Programs in Bronx

Inpatient Programs in Bronx

Inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be designed for patients with symptoms related to acute or chronic drug and alcohol withdrawals. We refer inpatient addiction treatment programs that are highly specialized and take into account your unique circumstances as well as an individual.


Most Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) provide a level of care designed for people over 18 and who require more structure. There can be daytime and evening IOPs to accommodate your schedule. For information about our outpatient programs, please call us today.

Family Programs

Addiction often involves everyone in the family as most everyone, in one way or another, has been deeply affected by it. Educating and caring for the family is an essential part of addiction treatment and recovery. We connect you to family-inclusive programs that help family members understand the disease of addiction and learn how to assist in a way that is conducive to recovery.

Detox & Withdrawal

Referred doctors and nurses, specially trained in a variety of detoxification methods, may recommend individualized detox and withdrawal care based on your particular dependency and medical history. Professionals may provide 24/7 medical care to ensure optimal care and safety.

Support in Bronx

Recreation therapy can be an important part of recommended inpatient addiction treatment programs. Under the guidance of certified therapists, rec therapy activities in Bronx stimulate problem-solving capabilities, trust issues, and overcoming compulsive behavior.

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